how to implement a 3d tour into Facebook?

Implementation a 3d tour into a Facebook business page

A direct link to your tour can be inserted as an application tab on your page. To do this, you first need to install a Facebook app called Woobox, which will allow you to add a custom pages tab.

The guide is step by step below:

1. Logging into your Facebook account. 

2. Install the Woobox App.

Open another browser tab and add the Woobox app from this link page that appears called "Adding a custom bookmark to your Facebook page".

Click on the green button that says Set Bookmark.

3. Select a page and Log in

Select the Facebook page you want to add the 'Static frame Tab "and then select" Add Page Tab .......

You will be taken to a page titled as "Admin Actions" with a large white space.

4. Find your tour

In the new tab, find your virtual tour (either through your Google My Business page or

5. Get the Code

Click on the 3-dot vertical line to the right of the company name (top left corner of the screen). When the pop-up window appears, click the "Share or Embed Image" button. In the window that appears, select the "Insert Image" tab.

6. Copy HTML code

Select a size for your tour (correct size for Facebook is "Custom" 800 wide x 600 high) and then copy the HTML that appears.

7. Insert into the Facebook

Go back to the Facebook '' Admin Actions ”page and click on the“ Settings ”link on the right-hand side, which will take you to the“ Edit Tab Content ”page. Paste the HTML code that you copied from your tour into the "Source Code of the Page" (hold down Ctrl and then press 'V').

Now click on the green "Save Settings" area at the bottom of the page. Your tour is on Facebook!

8. Edition of a tab

You will see that the Welcome application has appeared on your Facebook page and is showing an image with a spotlight. You can change the name and image of the tab / application by going to the "Settings" Administrator Options. Click on the "Settings Tab" where you rename your tour as something like "Virtual Tour" or "You can look inside" and download new tab image. Save the settings when it' be finished.

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