History of the company "Cube Online Ukraine"

In 1981, in the city of Toronto, two graduates of the local university L. Tenebaum and M. Reinhord decided to do an unusual business. They were the first to use the well-known Personal Svinse system. This experience gave amazing results, the evaluation of which led to the appearance of the "DS - MAX" concern.


From the very beginning, the foundation of the company's policy was a stake on the development of a stable business, the dependence of which on other factors would be minimized. The fundamental principles were and are personal initiative and the highest professionalism that comes with experience and practice. Revealing the personal qualities of a person - confidence, sincerity, enthusiasm, a stake in this life on oneself. Developing rapidly, the company began to look for new types of goods and services that it could offer to its potential customers in many countries of the world. Branches were opened in these countries, but factories belonging to the concern were also built.

For 40 years on the basis of "DS-MAX" a lot of branches have been opened all over the world with different brands and trade marks.

In 1991, the first branch under the OSE brand was opened in the CIS.


Until 2014, the company had more than 500 branches in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Until 2014, there were 72 branches in Ukraine.

In 2016 on the territory of Ukraine and Russia based on the experience of Cobraqroup.



New services were opened for the creation of virtual 3D tours, under the brand "Cube Online".


In 2017, Cube Online branches were opened in Kazakhstan, in 2018 in Belarus. During the work of the company "Cube Online" in Ukraine, more than 10,000 virtual tours have been created.

The company was recognized as a leader in its niche in 2019 and 2020.


In 2018, a new brand "EurekaLife" was created with services: aerial photography, maintenance of profiles on Google maps, Instagram, Facebook.


In 2020, the company was recognized as a leader in its niche, we created more than 350 3D airports and served more than 1000 profiles on Google maps.

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Today in Ukraine, a number of new services are being actively tested, in which new managers can developed and opened.

Over 40 years of the company's work: countries, brands, goods, services have changed, but the basic values and principles have not changed.

The most valuable thing in our company is the people who have:

  • desire (goal setting)

  • persistence (to overcome obstacles)

  • dedication (to devote oneself to business, may be to limit oneself in something)

And principles:

  • Juice (share success with us)

  • no preferences (no matter who you were, the matters is what you want now)

  • only the sky is a border (no development limit)