What is a Google Certified Agency?

We may have already mentioned that we are the most dynamic agency in the world to be certified by Google - we admit that we repeat ourselves, but this is only because we are incredibly proud of it.

You probably think this sounds great, but what it really means ?

We have achieved this status by providing services of such high quality that Google allows us to promote our services from Google's name.

Cube Online Ukraine has gone through verification , with the result that all aspects of our business have been verificated and tested by Google employees, ensuring our ability to provide world-class services to customers with the best quality.

All of our local teams of experts have gone through an intensive training program and we are regularly audited by Google to ensure that the quality of our work is high.

However, in addition to the quality standards of Google, Cube Online Ukraine has its own very high standards that are applied to all employees of our team. To maintain the competence of our employees at the highest level, seminars, trainings and development programs are regularly held.

Therefore, as a client, you can be absolutely sure that your business is in safe.